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Scienze sociali in dialogo

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Sociological imagination and social promotion: 
the category of “agapic action” to interpret the changes and to imagine new futures.

International Conference, University of Salerno (Fisciano-SA), 7-8 June 2018.

The Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences of the University of Salerno and the Social-One research network, in partnership with 11 universities and research institutes in Italy and worldwide, promote the conference "Sociological Imagination and Social Promotion: the category of “agapic action” to interpret the changes and to imagine new futures”.

  • The conference will be held at the University of Salerno (Fisciano, Salerno - Italy) on 7 and 8 June 2018.
  • The aim of the conference is to investigate all the perspectives of analysis and action which have been raised by the members of the agapic action in the context of human and social disciplines with the hypothesis that the concept may offer new interpretations and perspectives of interventions for the promotion of a pluralistic society based on equality, inclusiveness and particularly dialogue.
  • The conference is aimed at two categories of subjects: scholars, academics and researchers in social sciences; operators, educators, administrators and politicians who direct, plan and operate in the social context.
  • The conference focuses on four areas, which will be analyzed both from the scientific and academic point of view within the panels (CALL FOR PAPERS), and from the point of view of action-intervention, through the collection of best practices, which will be exhibited within of the Social Expo (Dowload the CALL FOR SOCIAL EXPO).The areas are:·

1) Protagonist communities, sharing cultures and grassroots movements

2) Cooperation and dialogue in the field of macro-social actions  

3) Relationships, inclusion and well-being in social policies

4) Plurality, dialogue and identity processes

·   To attend the conference it is possible to participate in:

a) CALL FOR PAPERS. Dedicated to scholars, academics and social science researchers, the call for papers aims to gather contributions from reflection and empirical research on the 4 topics identified by panels, Contributions can use the category of agapic action in order to combine the analytic perspective with research / intervention perspective.

Click here to download the pdf CALL FOR PAPERS ENG (154 KB)

       Click here to download the pdf CALL FOR PAPERS ESP (152 KB)

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b)Participate in the SOCIAL EXPO. Dedicated to institutions, groups, public and private organizations, or even individual operators, educators, administrators and politicians who direct, plan and operate in the social context, the SOCIAL EXPO aims to show through divulgative posters how much imagination and social promotion there is on spread in territories and communities, focused on the 4 specific areas.

Click here to download the pdf CALL FOR EXPO ENG (163 KB)

Click here to submit the POSTER.                                                

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