The conference focuses on a particular but extremely significant theme
in the social sciences: the concepts of “footprint” and “trace”.
Usually associated with the digital world, the very idea of footprints
clearly gives the image of what one leaves behind without being aware
of it, a by-product of other (differently focused and oriented)
actions that remains empirically imprinted on reality.
The topic of traces will be analyzed in a broad and interdisciplinary
way, adopting quantitative and qualitative approaches, from different
disciplinary angles: sociology, semiotics, social psychology,
anthropology, legal studies, etc.
The conference will host 5 keynote speakers and 80 panelists from more
than twenty countries.

Registration is free of charge.
To participate, fill out the form

Scientific sponsors: European Sociological Association (ESA) - RN20
Qualitative Methods and RN21 Quantitative Methods, Italian Association
of Sociology (AIS), Italian Association of Semiotic Studies (AISS),
Italian Scientific Society of Sociology, Culture, Communication

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