Sociology of Love.

The Agapic Dimension of Societal Life.

book sociology of loveby Gennaro Iorio (Author)
Published on: June 2014
Vernon Press
ISBN: 978-1-62273-014-8

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Author biography

Gennaro Iorio, PhD., is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Salerno. He has published a number of works on classical sociology, sociology of poverty and sociology of new technology. He teaches sociology in postgraduate, masters and doctoral courses.


This short book deals with a sociological concept: love-agape. It is an attempt to demonstrate that love-agape resists, indeed insists, as a fact that cannot be reduced or concealed. Its simple goal is to introduce agape into the vocabulary of sociological analysis by demonstrating its potential to demarcate and to interpret social phenomena. Love-agape is presented as a critical concept. On the one hand, love-agape denounces the risks linked to the needs of closed groups, often absolutist and fundamentalist. On the other hand, it represents a concrete reality, lying at the root of a particular type of sociality. A sociality that, rather unconventionally, recognizes differences and distances, but also characterizes their condition of being together, as community founded on the recognition and respect of subjectivity.

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