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Sociology of Love.
The Agapic Dimension of Societal Life.
by Gennaro Iorio (Author)

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SOCIAL-ONE is an international group of sociologists and social work scholars...

Agapic Behaviour and Social Sciences

araujo_veraVera Araújo

I greet with real joy those colleagues that we already know and with whom we had the chance to exchange some ideas both in the Conference of 2005 on “Social Relationships and Fraternity: a Paradox or Sustainable Model?” and in the Seminar held at the Catholic University of Milan on: “The Humanization of Society.”

However, there are some people who are attending for the first time and it seems dutiful to me to present the reality of Social-One: its aspiration, its objectives, its history and methodology.

morovic_janJan Morovic
Professor, among the founders and current President of City University of Bratislava (Slovac Republic).

Although my Italian is not that good, and I did not always understand everything, nonetheless I would like to share some of my impressions from this seminar with you. These days were a very deep experience for me. I could understand a lot of things, extend my mind on new topics but above all I was realizing, that something very special is coming to life here amongst us. Each one of us contributing a small part to the growth of this project with our cultural backgrounds, our understanding and opinions.

Seven Propositions on the Homo Agapicus:

a reaserch project for social scences

Michele Colasanto e Gennaro IorioMichele Colasanto and Gennaro Iorio

1 Introduction

In this brief and clearly not all-inclusive talk, our aim is to introduce a reflection on agapic (modelled on agape) behaviour, with the end goal of questioning ourselves, to encourage further research and found activities by a scientific community on this topic. What we propose is only the beginning of a work in progress, that in this session attempts to offer elements for a definition of the concept from the theoretical point of view and to discern at least a few of its characteristic dimensions. To such an end, we propose to discuss a few propositions on Agape. A reflection on the level of empirical operationalization should be added to this work, on the capacity of interpretation of historical facts and the sphere of use of the agape paradigm, but which will not be present in this session.  Starting from the observation that in empirical reality multiple forms of social behaviour co-exist, which sociological literature has many times highlighted through their typology, we will try in this work to define a few traits of the  Homo Agapicus, that is, of the behaviour of an Ego whose sense is characterized by the attitude of self-giving unconditionally toward the Alter and by the seeking of the good and the happiness of the latter, independently from the will and/or the effective restitution of the counter-gift. We will begin from a critical review, brief and not all-inclusive, on the theme of love restricted to the sociological sphere, to then concentrate more specifically on the task that we have set for ourselves.


Chiara Lubich

Brotherly love establishes positive social relationships everywhere, capable of rendering our human consortium more cohesive, more just, and happier...

-Chiara Lubich



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