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Sociology of Love.
The Agapic Dimension of Societal Life.
by Gennaro Iorio (Author)

Social Sciences in dialogue
SOCIAL-ONE is an international group of sociologists and social work scholars...

The Second Convivialist Manifesto – Towards a Post-Neoliberal World Nothing is more urgent than to develop a way of thinking and understanding the world that is alternative to those that neoliberalism has been able to impose on the entire planet.

And it is a political philosophy (in the broadest sense of the term) that we need, but which cannot consist of a simple return to classical socialism, communism, anarchism or liberalism; nor can it result from the simple addition of the analyses developed by this or that philosopher, economist, sociologist, however right they may be. If they are, they will still have to be widely believed and shared, and if possible, on a global scale.

It is high time to outline a decisive collective breakthrough in the field of ideas. Such is the wager of this manifesto, the result of a work that brings together intellectuals, but also activists, some 300 personalities from 33 different countries who have all agreed to give priority to the ideas they share. Without forcing the line, we could say that this Second Convivialist Manifesto is the manifesto of a nascent informal international convivialist. An International that is eager to expand to become everyone's business.


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Agapic Behaviour and Social Sciences
Castelgandolfo, June 6-7 2008

Social Relationships and Fraternity:
Paradox or Sustainable Model?
A Social Sciences' Perspective
Convention 2005


Chiara Lubich

Brotherly love establishes positive social relationships everywhere, capable of rendering our human consortium more cohesive, more just, and happier...

-Chiara Lubich



Social-One  International Secretariat
Social-One International Secretariat
Via Piave, 15
Via Piave, 15
00046 Grottaferrata (Rome), Italy
00046 Grottaferrata (Rome), Italy

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